Windows, Doors & Conservatories Services

One of the more interesting additions to a home is the conservatory. Essentially replacing walls with windows, the conservatory allows its occupants to enjoy a gorgeous view while protected from the elements outside, making it great for homes with any kind of a view of the surrounding area. From an investor's perspective, a conservatory can add as much as 10% to the future selling price of the home, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a fun addition to the home. Thankfully, something as simple as double glazing makes it possible. 

More information on double glazing

How It Works

Double glazing is pretty simple: It involves making sure that each pane is actually paired with an inside and an outside pane. The two panes are held in place by a wooden or steel structure, with the whole structure replacing entire walls. There is a small distance kept between the panes that helps to insulate the inside from the outside; ideally the air is removed so as to provide even better insulation. Nonetheless, this double glazing helps to ensure that the conservatory is kept as cozy as possible rather than the same temperature as the outside.

How This Is Useful

The small amount of distance between the panes helps to act as insulation between the inside and outside. For a regular window, the glass acts to allow the outside temperature in, simply because it is a solid that conducts heat and cold fairly well. This can only help to increase heating and cooling bills. However, the air in double glazed windows is harder to heat or cool than panes of glass on either side and thus inhibits the transfer of temperatures. This makes the window ideal for areas where there are extremes of temperatures, as well for specific areas within the home that require a little extra security against the weather.

Other Uses

It is worth noting that double glazing works for more than just conservatories. It can make for some great doors as well, especially for doors that lead to the outside; as windows have always been incorporated into doors this makes them at least energy efficient. They can also be used with sliding doors as well as any outside-facing windows for the same advantages, and thus spread the savings throughout he house. It can thus be used to deal with obvious structures, such as a conservatory, but is something that could help wherever windows are used.